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Milk Makeup High Volume KUSH Mascara Review: New Hot Mascara in Town

Mascara is often a makeup product that a lot of beauty junkies would call a “must have”. Lipstick and highlighter are products that people love to have in each shade, but mascara is the one that you truly need to work its magic and when you find the right one – you are loyal to it! Milk Makeup High Volume KUSH Mascara might be the one to change the game. It is getting more and more popular among consumers. Keep reading to find out why they love it so much.

General info

Milk Makeup High Volume KUSH Mascara is a unique mascara with heart shaped fibers that give you thick and clump free lashes. It is enriched with hemp-derived cannabis oil that moisturises your eyelashes. This mascara is also Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates free.

The reasoning behind cannabis oil is the fact that the brand wanted to be cruelty-free, therefore they couldn’t use beeswax. Cannabis oil helps provide a creamy texture that is easy to remove and for its nourishing properties.

Consumers say

I absolutely love this mascara! It gives the drama falsie lash effect without the heaviness or clumpiness. And later in the day when i went to go gentle feel my lashes, they felt bare like nothing was on them but my lashes are still looking full! The best mascara!

Source: Sephora

This mascara is everything I want in a mascara. It lengthens, volumizes, and separates my lashes. No joke they are beautifully fanned out and look so thick and luscious. And if that weren’t enough it is soooo Black! I love it and will definitely repurchase again and again!

Source: Sephora


  • Clump free
  • Conditioning
  • Easy to use
  • Packaging


  • Wears off easily
  • Flakes
  • Can cause irritation

Conclusion | Milk Makeup High Volume KUSH Mascara

It feels like consumers have been waiting for a brand to release a high-volume cruelty-free mascara with new solutions, such as a big mascara wand with a heart-shaped fibers, cannabis oil infused mascara that gives your eyelashes plenty of volume but separates them as well. The Kush mascara will be perfect for those of you who want a dramatic effect for your eyelashes with a wand that can reach all the small eyelashes that you can never get to with most mascaras.

If you don’t like a more wet mascara that dries slower than others, maybe this one isn’t for you. Some people had concerns about it irritating their eyes and some people said that is got all over their under-eye area. However, most people with oily lids said that this one is a great product for them, so just like foundations – it can be individual. Considering so many positive feedback, you could try it out if you haven’t had any luck finding the perfect mascara for you.


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Milk Makeup High Volume KUSH Mascara Review

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