Tarte shape tape creaseless concealer

How to Use Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (Full Review)

How to use Tarte shape tape concealer – a complete guide to master this best selling concealer in the world

So you want to know how to use Tarte Shape Tape Concealer?  I got you! So many people love this concealer. 

It is exclusively sold at Ulta Beauty and Tarte Cosmetics, but you can find it on Amazon, too. I bring you this in-depth review, so you know if the cost of buying it is justifiable. 

Before we jump into explaining how to use this creaseless concealer, let’s say it is a multi-use product. This is why it is a best seller. Keep reading to find out why consumers love it so much.

What is it?

Tarte shape tape is a vegan product, with a super-blendable formula that instantly gives you brighter and firmer skin. It has a lifting effect.

It comes in 35 amazing shades. You can use it as a concealer, contour, highlight, and even foundation.

The butter from mango seeds and shea work as moisturizers, so your skin will look smooth and nourished. It smells amazing!

The applicator is very large which is great if you’d like to use it as a contour or highlight, not just to conceal little spots.

It is a rather thick concealer so try it little by little. You can cover discolorations with it and you will look well-rested.

It can be applied with a brush, but most use it with a beauty sponge. People often buy this one! You can also warm it up with your fingers and then buff it out with a brush.

⚡ Find this product here:  Ultabeauty / Amazon 


How to use it – What Tarte says:

Step 1: Apply concealer directly onto imperfections and blemishes and blend with a sponge.

Step 2: Apply under eyes and blend for an instant eye lift effect.

Step 3: Apply on eyelids to prime for eyeshadow.


How to use it in multiple ways:

Conceal: Use a shade that matches your skin and dot on spots and areas that you want to conceal. Tap with a sponge.

Contour: Use a 2 shade darker concealer to chisel your cheekbones and contour any part of your face.

Highlight: Use a 2 shades lighter concealer to highlight the areas of the face you would wish to highlight. Apply in a triangular shape and blend with a sponge. The end result will be radiant-looking skin.


Consumers say: 

This is an amazing, amazing, fantastic product. A little goes a long way and spreads very well. Because I am older and have fine lines around my eyes, it can exaggerate those lines, so it must be set with a powder. The effect is like you erased 10 years from your face. I mean this very sincerely. Also, you should use a good eye cream underneath before as it can be drying.

Source: Amazon

I think finding the right shade is key. So I looked carefully to pick out the right shade and I got “light-medium honey” shade for myself. I think we often pick the wrong shade. I had tried a ton of concealers, including very expensive ones. Been wanting to try this one forever and finally did. And it blows the rest of them out of the water! It covers better, it doesn’t crease, it’s beautiful and layers well! I put it on before my foundation, then foundation on top, then add a little on top of foundation where I might still need it (which is what I’ve always done). Kat Von B Lock-It used to be my favorite. This one is better at not creasing (aka, not making you look old).

Source: UltaBeauty


How to use Tarte Shape Tape under Eyeshadow (helpful tricks)

Use Tarte Shape Tape as an eyeshadow base. Its thick consistency allows you to place any shade on your lids and to cover redness or discoloration. You can set it or leave it tacky – depends on your skin and technique.

Use a tiny amount for a cut-crease look. Its consistency allows you to cut the crease like a pro. The eyeshadow underneath it won’t blend with the concealer so that you can’t even see where you’ve cut your crease. We love it so much because of it!

But wait, there’s so much more!


Is it full coverage?

Yes, this is a full coverage concealer. You can even conceal imperfections on your body, not only your face.

Just be sure to use the correct shade. Body skin can be a bit different shade than your face skin. It is usually darker than your face.


Does it crease?

Tarte Shape Tape does not crease. I would argue that any concealer can crease, depending on your skin type and the way you use the product. You just need to apply it correctly.

If you prep your skin and use a lot of moisturizers, be sure to wait a couple of minutes before you set it.

Do the rest of your make up while you wait. Let it dry and tap in if any creasing happens. After that, it should stay in place.


Why is Tarte shape tape so popular?

Tarte shape tape is very popular mostly because it suits a lot of skin types and skin tones. You get a lot of product for the price you pay.

It is a versatile product and it’s long-lasting. The hype is real!


How do you match Tarte shape tape concealer?

You can check Tarte’s website and find swatches for Tarte shape tape concealer. They have videos for a lot of different skin tones. Basically all skin tones.

Also, use their shade finder by clicking on a shade in their matrix of shades. On the left side of the page, a picture of 10-16 women will show up (depending on the concealer shade).

Take a look at the models and decide who’s skin looks most like yours. It’s very easy actually.

tarte shape tape shade matrix

Source: Tarte Cosmetics 


Does Tarte shape tape go on before or after foundation?

Just like any concealer, you can use Shape Tape before or after the foundation. If you need to concealer spots on your face, you can use it before foundation.

If you need to contour or highlight, use it after the foundation. To cover up dark under eyes, use only Shape Tape. Don’t put foundation on your undereye skin.


Can you wear Tarte shape tape without foundation?

You can use shape tape without foundation. Just keep in mind that it is a full coverage concealer and you need to use it properly.

You need to use the shade that matches your skin (not lighter, nor darker). Tap it only where you think is necessary. I use it as a foundation sometimes.

The way I do it is that I mix it half-half with my moisturizer. It gives a flawless and fresh look. If you feel like it is too heavy, apply some bb or cc cream on your face before using it.


How long does the Tarte shape tape last?

Tarte shape tape is a long-lasting concealer. It can last 16 hours on your face for sure. If you set it in place, trust me – it will stay on your face until the next day.


Is Tarte shape tape concealer worth it?

In my opinion, this concealer is definitely worth it! Not only is it so versatile and powerful, but it also comes in a huge bottle and you get a lot of product for what you pay.


Is Tarte shape tape good for under eyes?

It is amazing for your under eyes. Some people use it to heavily cover up under eyes and to brighten them. Others use just a dime size to cover imperfections.

It is up to you to try it and see what technique best suits your preferences. It only depends on if you want a more natural look or a full-on beat.



  • Long-lasting
  • Easy application
  • Applies smoothly
  • Pigmented
  • All skin types
  • Great coverage and pigmentation
  • Great color range for different skin tones
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan



  • Heavy for some people
  • Tricky to use
  • Only available online so hard to color match
  • Can be drying


Final thoughts on How to Use Tarte Shape Tape Concealer?

Here’s the deal. Try the Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer if you want to make your makeup look extra sleek and your skin extra smooth. This concealer can be used in so many different ways.

You can dab just a tiny spot under your eyes and conceal just a little bit. If it looks too heavy, apply it under your foundation or sheer it down with a moisturizer or oil.

Another way to use Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer is to apply it in a triangular shape under your eyes to achieve a professionally made look for special occasions or photoshoots. This way your under-eye area will look concealed but also brightened and lifted.

If you wear your makeup like that on a daily basis, you will not be let down. Just be sure to set it so it doesn’t move. If it’s too dry, a hydrating spray on top will make it blend even better.

If you have oily skin or you just want extra smooth skin, set it with powder or bake (depending on what your skin can take).


Find this product here:  Ultabeauty / Amazon

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How to use Tarte shape tape concealer – a complete guide to master this best selling concealer in the world


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