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DERMABLEND Loose Setting Powder Review: Give Your Makeup A Seat, Baby

A setting powder is a must in our makeup kit. Lots of times we use it partially on the face, since everybody’s skin problems are different, but regardless we need it at all times. When it comes to quality product that comes in a large container, DERMABLEND Loose Setting Powder is the one that we think of. Consumers loved it instantly since it’s a high quality and a good value for money product. Keep reading to find out why consumers love it so much.

General info

DERMABLEND Loose Setting Powder is a makeup-locking setting powder. It comes in 3 shades and it’s suitable for all skin types and skin tones. Great thing about this setting powder is that it locks in your foundation for up to 16 hours and it protects it from smudging or transferring.

When it comes to transferring, you can think about using it for setting your lipstick as well, or for setting your under eye concealer.

DERMABLEND Loose Setting Powder contains silica, a mineral found in clay, sandstone and granite, but also in parts of plants and animals. This ingredient absorbs moisture and provides a matte, but also velvet and smooth finish. It is used in professional makeup application as well.

Consumers say

I’ve only started using this powder after reading online reviews about it and I must say that it lives up to the hype. My foundation just seems to look better and last longer once I’ve applied this. A must for every makeup bag.

Source: StrawberryNet

Discovered this setting powder in my moms makeup stash several years ago & I’ve stuck with it since. It’s great for my oily skin and feels really light. Love it and have repurchased it many times.. I highly recommend this. I wear makeup daily and it still lasts me a very long time

Source: UltaBeauty


  • Long lasting
  • Easy to apply
  • Lightweight
  • All skin tones
  • All skin types
  • Value for money
  • Gives a poreless look


  • Can be messy
  • Poor coverage
  • Cakes up

Conclusion | DERMABLEND Loose Setting Powder

The DERMABLEND Loose Setting Powder is truly a great product. Not only is the quality of this setting powder amazing, the amount of product you get is often more than double that you get from other makeup brands. Considering the application, it’s just as any other setting powder. It is a product that you should apply only where you need it and depending on the result you want to get.

If you struggle with oily skin, you can basically put it everywhere. It’s best to first put it on the centre of your face (forehead, nose, chin). You can use it under your eyes to set them or to bake, but you can also bake any part of your face. After you’ve applied it, leave it in for a minute or two and then dust away the excess product from your face. A trick that we also do is that we set lipstick to prevent it from transferring and for a long lasting effect.

Just with any products, keep in mind when it is appropriate to use it for this purposes. Some foundations, concealers or even lipsticks are already a bit dry and long wearing, so they don’t need that much of a setting powder. Also, you can only have the need to bake your under eyes or erase your pores with a setting powder, but not apply it on the rest of your face.

This would be the case if you have dry skin and you are using a long wearing foundation. You could use it for your dewy foundation that you love, but still need to last all day. This is where DERMABLEND Loose Setting Powder comes in.

Hopefully you can better understand setting powders. Use them strategically and don’t be afraid to experiment. This is a terrific product and you just need to find a way to use it properly according to your needs.


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