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You ask why?

Well, we are getting overwhelmed with all the beauty gurus out there, promoting new products every day and not even trying them out properly to be sure that these products really do the job. Not saying all of them do this, nor that they are not thrust worthy, but it is often the case of them recommending products that specifically work best for their skin type, rather than products that would generally work for a lot of different people.

Many of products featured on Best Rated Beauty are also used by us. We stay behind their quality and are always here to help you with tips on how to use them and get the best results possible. There are some cases where a product is hard to work with and you need a bit of playing with it to find how to best use it. Best Rated Beauty is here to provide this information.

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I use this foundation after applying my skincare routine. I’ve using it for a very very long time. I’ve tried other foundations but none come even close to this. I’m forever a fan of Lancôme, 25yrs now. Been using this line since high school. If you’ve got oily acne sensitive reddish skin then this one is for you.

Comment from Ulta Beauty website.


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I love everything about this foundation it is full coverage but it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin like the Estée Lauder one that one is so cakey. This one is oil free, spf 15 and transfer resistant what more could I ask for the formula is perfect as well as long lasting and such a large shade variation! Amazing product

Comment from Ulta Beauty website.


Keep in mind that we feature products that a majority of consumers find the best out there. This does not mean that these products will work for you, but know that there is so much we can do to provide information about best rated products out there. There will be “Concerns” mentioned in every review, so keep an eye on that too!

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